Welcome to the Grave Site

The Grave Site

As you develop the Grave Site you will learn the basics of creating a website. The course will cover many different tags, but no one will remember all of them. If you need to look up or reference a tag, go look around w3schools.com


Web Development Essentials

In Web Essentials we will learn how to code the basic structure of the page using HTML 5 as well as style the page using CSS3.


Web Databases

In Web Databases you will learn how to set up and structure a database of tombstones using MySql


Server side Scripting

In Server Side Scripting we will be teaching you about PHP. PHP allows you to make a web site dynamic, as well as interract with, retrieve, and post data to the database.

Client Side Scripting

In Client Side Scripting we'll cover JavaScript & JQuery adding additional functionality to the website and completing the basic languages used in web development.
By the end of this class, you will have completed most of the core classes in the program.